#ThisIsMyBookstore, what’s yours?

Every bookstore has a story, and we want to tell them all. Submit a photo of your favorite (or tag it #ThisIsMyBookstore on your own Tumblr blog) and tell us why it’s special. Are the staff picks strangely knowing? Is there just something about the smell?

We will share the strongest #ThisIsMyBookstore stories every Friday to spread the word about these important places. Join in, and maybe you’ll discover a new spot to spend the weekend.

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Photography by Irene Kim.

I stayed home again today. I had bought the musenex day/ night and only taken the day so far. So since I can do whatever today I took the night. Then my best friend called to tell me she got glasses. And then I fell asleep. I was hungry. I told her I was smelling things in the fridge and everything smells gross. I want chinese, or stinky wings from Wingstop, bu they give me heartburn. So I fall asleep for like 5 hours. I literally woke up when I would of been getting off of work. I had weird food dreams. In one I was in a cafeteria the guy was ringing me up for the food I was buying and it was really expensive and I told him those and those go together and in the end it was like $1.75.  Then I got back to work and I had ordered pizza that I vaguely remembered ordering… Just weird things I don’t usually dream about. But I guess sleeping most of the day on an empty stomach does that. 


*interacts with people*

*has to take a four hour nap*

Gustav Klimt: Pinewood


Gustav Klimt: Pinewood

Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.